History, Mission and Vision
Bases Foundation was founded in Rosario (Argentina) back in 2004 by a group of young men and women who come from such fields as medicine, business administration, finances, philosophy and psychology. Bases is proud of financing all of its activities with voluntary donations that come exclusively from individuals and private organizations. State funding is not accepted under any circumstances.

Bases Foundation mission is to reach out to university students and faculty and introduce them to the ideas of Liberty and Open Society. To pursue that mission, our institution will use education and research as primary tools. Since ideas do have consequences and we strongly believe education is a transformational force, we want to transform the Argentinean intellectual climate into a freer, more open, tolerant and fruitful one.

Bases Foundation is inspired by the classical liberal ideas of Juan Bautista Alberdi, perfectly reflected in his masterpiece ‘Bases and starting points for the political organization of the republic’ –after which the foundation was named. We want our country to follow the path Alberdi paved once again and, consequently, achieve the freedom and the great material, economical and cultural prosperity it once had. We are fully devoted to spreading of ideas really capable of bringing progress to our society.